These docs consists of a list of maintained and up-to-date Bitcoin Python libraries. Goal is to provide a solid starting point for Python developers willing to work and interact with Bitcoin protocol. Weather it's constructing transactions or fetching data from a Bitcoin RPC server.

Running Bitcoin

Bitcoin node can be ran on several networks (mainet, testnet, signet, regtest). Under this section you'll learn how to setup and run a Bitcoin node which you can then use as a "portal" into the Bitcoin protocol. Read more



Python3 library providing an interface to Bitcoin data structures and protocol. Read more

Library supports mainnet, testnet and regtest. A PR for signet has been merged but the version that supports it hasn't been released yet.


Python3 library with no dependencies. Provides an interface to Bitcoin data structures. There are more functionalities included into this library which are for more advanced use and will be described on this page at later stage. Read more

Library only supports mainnet, testnet and signet and requires internet to work.


This package allows generating mnemonics, seeds, private/public keys and addresses.

This unfortunatelly isn't a Bitcoin only library and includes supports for other cryptocurrencies.

Read more